zooming animation is not smooth in premiere cs6

Animatedly, I tried to zoom into a video clip in Premiere by creating two Position keyframes and…

zooming animation is not smooth in premiere cs6

Animatedly, I tried to zoom into a video clip in Premiere by creating two Position keyframes and two Scale keyframes.

But the result is very shaky for some reason?

What am I doing wrong with this implementation, or should I achieve this zooming effect by other means?

Same shaky result using linear interpolations.

If I use just Position keyframes (Scale keyframes deleted for troubleshooting), and if I set the keyframes' Temporal Interpolation to Linear and also the Spatial Interpolation to Linear, the resultant video is still jerky, as evidenced here.

I set the temporal and spatial interpolations to Linear for both keyframes i.e.

for both the starting and middle keyframes.

There are a number of other interpolation options, maybe one of them would help?

Question from user Cel at stackexchange.


If you are experiencing a shaky result when zooming into a video clip in Adobe Premiere Pro, there are a few potential issues and solutions you can try:

  1. Frame Rate Mismatch: Ensure that the frame rate of your video clip matches the sequence settings in Premiere Pro. If there is a mismatch, it can cause jitters in the playback. You can right-click on your video clip in the Project panel, select Modify > Interpret Footage, and set the correct frame rate.

  2. Keyframe Placement: Check the placement of your keyframes. Make sure they are positioned at the exact frames where you want the zooming effect to start and end. If the keyframes are not precisely placed, it can cause unexpected movements and jitters.

  3. Spatial Interpolation: Instead of using linear spatial interpolation, try using Bezier or Ease In/Out interpolation for the Scale keyframes. This can create smoother transitions during the zoom. To change the interpolation, right-click on a keyframe, go to Temporal Interpolation, and choose the desired option.

  4. Motion Blur: Adding motion blur to your video clip can help to reduce the appearance of jitters during fast movements. Enable Motion Blur in Premiere Pro by selecting the video clip, going to the Effects Control panel, and enabling the Motion Blur option.

  5. Pre-composing: Another approach is to pre-compose the video clip you want to zoom in on. Right-click on the clip in the timeline, select “Nest,” and then apply the position and scale keyframes to the nested sequence. This method can sometimes provide smoother results.

  6. Optical Flow: Premiere Pro offers an Optical Flow option for time interpolation, which can help to create smoother motion when scaling or changing the speed of footage. To enable Optical Flow, right-click on the video clip in the timeline, go to Time Interpolation, and select Optical Flow.

Try these suggestions to see if they improve the smoothness of your zooming effect. Experimenting with different techniques and settings may help you achieve the desired result.

zooming animation is not smooth in premiere cs6